Yellow Fever is caused by a mosquito transmitted virus in jungle areas which is rare but cause severe viral illness and has a high death rate (60%). Prevention is by a live vaccine given either on the same day as other live vaccines or one month apart.

Important Information Regarding the Yellow Fever vaccination

This is the most common vaccination which is legally-required for passage through customs. Most travellers visiting either Africa or South America will require this vaccine. Our clinic is a World Health Organisation accredited yellow fever vaccination centre. Once you have been administered the vaccine our Doctor will issue you with a signed special certificate called International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis which you MUST present when passing through customs in certain countries. At times, other vaccinations may be legally required under special circumstances based on international updated vaccination requirements.

Be sure to check out our destination specific guides for information about Yellow Fever, as well as other vaccinations and general travel advice for your holiday / travel destination:

  • Bali & Indonesia
  • India
  • >Thailand
  • >Vietnam
  • >China
  • Brazil
  • South Africa

Reactions & Precautions

Our medical team will explain possible reactions to this vaccine. Because some people can have severe allergic reaction to this vaccine all patients are observed for 30 minutes after vaccination.

In some patients yellow fever vaccination is contraindicated. Our staff will confirm with you that you are not immunocompromised, pregnant, have a genuine egg or chicken allergy, thymus disease or surgery, myasthenia gravis or acute fever.

Infants & Elderly

Infants less than 9 months do not receive this vaccine. Some patients who are over 65yrs of age may be given a certificate of exemption from yellow fever by our clinic due to contraindications therefore our doctor will discuss this with you.